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Crumb builds advanced decision support systems.

Our engine integrates, structures, and analyzes large datasets, making information intuitively searchable, regardless of how structured or unstructured data sources are.

How it works

Disparate Datasets

Health organizations have lots of information–from billing and financials to lab tests and x-rays for millions of records. Unfortunately, this data is usually stored in siloed, disconnected systems, making it impossible for it to be analyzed and stopping traditional software in its tracks. This is where we start.

Mapping & Tagging

After working closely with the customer, our engineers and data architects index, map, and synchronize all of the databases into a single view, where our algorithms sift through the enormous sets of columns and automatically turn raw data into meaningful information. Any updates to the source data are pushed to the platform.

Intuitively Visualize

Users are able to make sense of their data by using our platform, which makes the interaction between the user and their information smoother. Crumb allows for the discovery of hidden patterns by conducting searches across all of their data sources at once, thus saving time and helping health professionals make faster, more accurate decisions while helping them stay focused on saving lives.


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