We build software that matters.


Crumb creates human experiences for healthcare by using modern software designed to solve the most difficult problems in data around the world.

Why we’re here

Hospital Software Really Sucks

Seriously. Bad software kills people. We’ve seen hospitals struggle with data at the cause of static technology that fails to handle novel, adaptive problems in today’s digital health landscape.

After experiencing the pain health professionals deal with in a clinical setting, we set out to build a modern decision-support platform to solve their most difficult problems. We started off by building a solution from scratch featuring the latest architecture and data management infrastructure, but that was still capable of integrating with legacy systems and is lightweight enough to be deployed anywhere around the world.

In short, we’re on a mission dedicated to providing cutting-edge, transformative technologies to hospitals and know it will take a new kind of company to build them.

That’s why we founded Crumb.

The Team

Unconventional Nerds

Our team is comprised of data scientists, data architects, engineers, designers, and computer wizards that have passion for all things related to data and human-computer interaction.


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